Gothicland (compilation)

De Nordwaves
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Compilation par  Multi-Artistes
Sortie 1994
Genre New Wave, Goth Rock
Format K7
Label autoproduction

(autoproduction) - n/a

Face A
No TitreArtiste Durée
1. Guilty Brotherhood Of Pagans
2. Banner Of The Fray Into The Abyss
3. All In Oblivion Watchman
4. Don't Call The Beast Land Of Passion
5. Untitled Kiss The Blade
6. Children Spirit Corpus Christi
7. Anastasia Guanavaana
8. Remember When Missed In Diary
9. Only As Far As The Burning Grounds Vendemmian
Face A
No TitreArtiste Durée
1. Noxious (The Demon's Game) Corpus Delicti
2. Chain Of Fear Dronning Maud Land
3. Wrecked In Faith House Of Usher
4. Dragon's Fly Different Way
5. Emerald Day Grass Harp
6. Who's Playin' Jesus? Flowers Of Romance
7. Raye Pentitentiam Agite
8. Mark 13 Dream Disciple
9. The Cathedral After Darkness
10. God Damn My Soul Brotherhood Of Pagans