Angel of Mercy (album)

De Nordwaves
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Angel of Mercy
Album par  X Mouth Syndrome
XMS angelofmercy 01.jpg
Sortie 11 février 2018
Genre EBM
Format CD
Productions de  X Mouth Syndrome
We are the oldschool (EP)
We are the oldschool (single)

(autoproduction) - n/a

No Titre Durée
1. Angel Of Mercy
2. A Bullet With My Name On It
3. Nine Millimetre
4. Background Noise
5. Day After Day
6. Stay Young Until I Die
7. Hold Me Tight
8. Deliver Me For Better
9. Running And Hidding
10. Guilty
11. Move On
12. We Are The Oldschool
13. Interwish
14. Le Supplice
15. Something Around
16. Point Of No Return
17. Storn Of Angel