When beauty trembles (compilation)

De Nordwaves
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When beauty trembles
Compilation par  Multi-Artistes
Compilation whenbeauty 01.jpg
Genre New Wave, Industriel, Goth Rock, Expérimental, Ambiant
Format K7
Label Epitapes

Epitapes - n/a

Face A
No TitreArtiste Durée
1. Prigionieri Dissolutio Human Generis
2. Thought Lace The Horse Falls
3. Caught Drifting Nihil
4. I Can't Konform! Nihil
5. Psykodrame Neva
6. The Faces In Movement Darren Copeland
7. Untitled The Exhumation
8. Thoughts Of Pluto Ken Klinger
9. Untitled The Exhumation
10. Bongoes Mike Tetrault
13. Found Police Talk Andrew Orford
Face B
No TitreArtiste Durée
1. The Age Of Epilepsy Randy Greif
2. ...Not Be... Andrzej Dudek-Durer
3. Helium Man Hermanos Guzanos
4. Colossus Of NY Hermanos Guzanos
5. Flow Ken Clinger
6. The Fabulous Falcons Larry Ruhl
7. Eyeballs For Dinner Cancel
8. Spiritual Discipline Brain Ink