Scanning... vol 1 (compilation)

De Nordwaves
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Scanning... vol. 1
Compilation par  Multi-Artistes
Compilation scanningvol1 01.jpg
Sortie 1993
Studio Mixage Work Town Studio, Blue Moon Studio, Kai Hawaii Studio
Genre EBM, Synth-pop
Format CD, digipack
Label Synthetic Symphony
Références CD 077-61602 SPV

Synthetic Symphony - CD 077-61602 SPV

No TitreArtiste Durée
1. Underpass (John Foxx cover) Psychic Force, The 03:47
2. We Came To Dance (Ultravox cover) And One 03:01
3. Why (Bronski Beat cover) Plastic Noise Experience 05:00
4. Fade To Grey (Visage cover) Un-4-Scene 04:50
5. A Forest (The Cure cover) Kriegbereit 03:11
6. Maid Of Orleans (OMD cover) Priscilla Palace, The 03:15
7. Sleeper In Metropolis (Anne Clark with David Harrow cover) Plaidoyer Fatale 05:17
8. Cars (Gary Numan cover) G 7 03:20
9. Herzlos (Stratis cover) Nuclear Error 04:05
10. Fred Vom Jupiter (Die Doraus Und Die Marinas cover) Welle: Erdball 03:22
11. You Really Got Me (Kinks, The cover) Product, The 04:01
12. Just Another Day Without You (Jon Secada cover) PP? 03:54
13. Follow Me (Amanda Lear cover) King Lear 03:55
14. Exodus (Boney M cover) Psychic Force, The 05:33
15. Walk On The Wild Side (Lou Reed cover) Un-4-Scene 03:47
16. Ganz In Weiß (Roy Black cover) Welle: Erdball 04:32


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