Gotisch vol. II (compilation)

De Nordwaves
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Les chants de la mort
Compilation par  Multi-Artistes
Sortie 19??
Format 2xK7
Label Bats And Red Velvet

Bats And Red Velvet ‎– n/a

Face A
No TitreArtiste Durée
1. Haborym Subterfuge
2. Banner Of The Fray Into The Abyss
3. Mind Transmission Proton Wedding
4. Hommage Funebre Ataraxia
5. Wait Here (For You) All Living Fear
6. Devil's Workshop Son Of William
7. We're Not The Same Anymore Nightmoves
8. Burst Is My Faith Siela
9. The Whispering House Land Of Passion
10. Wail And Weep Meridian
11. The Sequel Faithful Dawn
Face B
No TitreArtiste Durée
1. Destiny Never Forsake The Prophetess
2. Snowblind Dronning Maud Land
3. First Light Industrial
4. In Fear Of A Swirl Sweet William
5. Rise Ketamine
6. Deathcity 1.SBH
7. Inno Corale Ataraxia
8. Is This My Voice? Evidence
9. Voices Faithful Dawn
10. Violeya Siela
Face C
No TitreArtiste Durée
1. Fuga Trionfale Ataraxia
2. House Of Glass Nightmoves
3. From Twilight To Dawn Land Of Passion
4. Passing Bell The Prophetess
5. Waiting For The Sun Into The Abyss
6. Surrounded By Erosion Proton Wedding
7. All My Dreams 1.SBH
8. Schizophrenia Dronning Maud Land
Face D
No TitreArtiste Durée
1. Nightfall Industrial
2. The Virus Son Of William
3. Surreal Embrace Meridian
4. Slowly He Returns... Evidence
5. Kill The Love Nightmoves
6. All Living Fear (Live) All Living Fear
7. Artery Of Sleep Siela