Erasing (album)

De Nordwaves
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Album par  Mourmansk150
M150 erasing 01.jpg
-For Drug Use Only-

Sortie 2001
Studio Enregistrement Nuclear Russian Submarines Cemetery
Enregistré par MRMNSK150
Studio Mixage Nuclear Russian Submarines Cemetery
Mixé par MRMNSK150
Genre Industriel, Noise
Format CDr
Auteur-Compositeur MRMNSK150
Label Abhorrent Creation Tapes
Références ACT CD 001
Productions de  Mourmansk150
Autopsy (album)
Civil disobedience (EP)

Abhorrent Creation Tapes ‎– ACT CD 001

No TitreFrom Durée
1. Penetrate -Sodomized Version- Life is elsewhere 0:41
2. Aggravation - Badly And Nearly- Decapitate Life is elsewhere 5:45
3. Dolly -Plunges To Death- Life is elsewhere 5:32
4. Chaingang -.22to Her Head- Life is elsewhere 6:11
5. Where Are We Fucking Going? -Don't Make A Fucking Sound Or I Kill You- Life is elsewhere 6:54
6. Subsequent Attack -Under Mother Fucking Stand?- Life is elsewhere 3:30
7. Patriot -Not Human- Life is elsewhere 5:21
8. Serial Killer -At Work- Life is elsewhere 6:31
9. Tv Od -Cut- Life is elsewhere 10:38
10. Mind The Gap -At The End Of A Brutal Assault- Life is elsewhere 6:04
11. Ultimate Paradoxe Unconscious martyrdom 5:48
12. Evidence For A Crime Unconscious martyrdom 6:23
13. Threatening Oppresors Unconscious martyrdom 5:19
14. Obscene Or Ridicuulous Unconscious martyrdom 8:07


M150 erasing 01.jpg M150 erasing 02.jpg